Kariega Project's Mobile Computer Lab is a project initiative to provide community groups with access to a mobile bank of laptop computers along with accompanying volunteers that can be used for a variety of educational purposes - particularly those focused on computer literacy. 

Our goal is to initially acquire (through donations or discounted purchases) ten to twenty serviceable laptops that will be held by Kariega Project. Given the mobile nature of laptops, the core concept is to be able to facilitate access to computers for all community groups throughout the greater Kenton area on an as-needed basis. 


The need for IT facilities and access to computers has been a common theme among community groups (including our partner organisations) since we began operating; however, access to computers has been (and will remain) beyond the collective means of most of these stakeholders. Given the level of interest already communicated to us by these stakeholders, we expect the mobile lab to be well received. Some of the intended uses:

  • Adult IT literacy
  • Early education
  • Entrepreneur development
  • Homework and research support

What this might look like

What this might look like


Any community group will be able to reserve use of the mobile computer lab for its constituents. The mobile lap must be used exclusively for educational purposes. Our goal is to have our Kenton Cares volunteers bring the mobile lab to the community group and to assist with the intended educational programme for which the mobile lab have been reserved. So not only will each group have access to computers, but they will also enjoy the benefit of having one or more volunteers assist with the programme. After the mobile lab is put to use, it is returned or checked back in the by volunteer to the Kariega Project for safekeeping. The mobile lab will be maintained by the Kariega Project. 

To ensure that Kariega Project initiatives involve no handouts, the mobile lab and accompanying volunteer is treated as a service for hire - paid for with Kulu Coin. Kulu Coins are earned by undertaking localised community service. The nominal rate we have set for use of the mobile lab is 2 Kulu Coins per 1 hour sessionAs a result, the Lab will be available to any community group that is committed enough to put in the community service hours and earn Kulu Coin.


We estimate that even 5 second hand laptops realises an R18 000 annual social benefit for the local economy. This figure is a baseline estimate based upon current demand. It represents the gross value of the IT and computer literacy services provided as well as the completed community service undertaken by participating community groups.

The R18 000 annual return increases significantly when we can take into account future job creation, employability, workforce productivity, and the downstream benefits of the completed community service.