We are pleased to announce that the Kariega Project has helped facilitate the support of Kenton's local Round Table to install a greywater system at Marselle High School. Round Table will provide the expertise and material while the community will provide the labour. Consistent with the philosophy of The Kariega Project, installation the greywater system will not only benefit the local community, but will provide a worthy community service project for the Marselle community to earn Kariega Credits. 

Marselle High School has for a long time dealt with a problem of excessive reed growth in the vicinity of the high school ablution block. It has come the attention of the community that the reeds are used as a nighttime hiding place by criminals and a place from which delinquents verbally abuse pupils during the school day. It has become clear that something needs to be done. Of course, simply clearing the reeds offers only a temporary solution. The Marselle community has identified that the root cause is the continued theft of the external ablution plumbing pipes. In fact, the plumbing has been refitted and stolen on several occasions. The challenge, therefore, is twofold: (1) build a system that is less attractive to thieves; and (2) create a sense of ownership within the students and community. This is where the Kariega Project comes in. With the Kariega Project as a silent intermediary, Round Table has pledged its support to assist the Marselle community in building a a greywater system. The Marselle project team agreed that it will earn credits by helping clear the reeds and building the greywater system. The Marselle Youth Empowerment Centre will be the beneficiary of all credits earned from the project. Community members will earn one credit for every hour of volunteered work.