Thanks to the generosity of the Cannon Rocks Holiday Resort (, Masibulele Preschool has received and installed a new security gate! To earn the funding for the security gate, Masibulele Preschool completed 90 community service hours to raise the R1,800 needed for the gate. The new security gate will enhance the safety of the children during the day and deter vandalism and theft at night. We are proud of the efforts of all those involved.  

Mrs. Adams and the children of the Masibulele Preschool stand in front of their brand new security gate! 

Mrs. Adams and the children of the Masibulele Preschool stand in front of their brand new security gate! 

In June 2013, Mrs. Eunice Adams (the founder of the Masibulele Preschool) approached the Kariega Project to help her raise funds for a new security fence and a security gate at the preschool. The Masibulele Preschool is located adjacent to an informal settlement, and it was becoming clear to Mrs. Adams that additional security measures were required to keep both the children and the facility safe. As an organisation dedicated to social development programmes, we were only too happy to welcome the Masibulele Preschool on board.

Since the Masibulele preschool joined it has been earning Kariega Credits (earned by completing community service) by allowing the local Adult Education Group (ABET) to use of its facilities free of charge. ABET has been using the Masibulele Preschool since June.

The security gate was manufactured by Mr. Latani, a welder from the township who runs SLI Welding. So this latest achievement has really been a local effort. Thank you again to Cannon Rocks Holiday Resort (, Mr. Latani of SLI Welding, and all those involved!  

Our work with the Masibulele Preschool continues. Mrs. Adams and the Kariega Project will now be working on raising money to install a green perimeter fence (bougenvillea hedgerow). In addition, we are in the process of working with the Masibulele Preschool to plan and fund a future Montessori training programme. So watch this space! 

About the Masibulele Preschool:

The Masibulele Preschool was established as a non-profit organisation in 2001 by Mrs Eunice Adams. The school educates roughly 80 to 90 children from the communities of Marselle and Harmony Park. The children vary in age between 18 months to 5 years. Eunice Adams has worked hard to build the school’s good reputation. The Masibulele Preschool is a progressive institute that promotes parent involvement, provides pupils with two meals a day, and shares resources with other community groups.