As an organisation that started from nothing, it prides us to report on the positive changes we are driving in the greater Kenton community. But we are even prouder of the fact that we constantly bear witness to the incredible dedication, humility and passion of the communities we aim to help. This past weekend was no exception. 


On Saturday, 1 February 2014, the Coastal Conservation Programme kicked off with ten children from Educational Support Group (ESG) assisting the Sustainable Seas Trust ( in its ongoing evaluation of species variety in the tidal zone of Kwaaihoek. For two hours the ESG children patrolled Kwaaihoek armed with note pads and cameras in an effort to accurately take stock of the number and variety of tidal zone species. Thanks to the enthusiastic oversight of the Sustainable Seas Trust, the children had fun and learned a lot about coastal conservation in the process. 

These incredible children were not ordered to volunteer. They were not paid to help. Rather, they volunteered to help in an effort to raise money to help ESG continue to pay rent for its modest facility. Think about that for a second. Inspiring, isn't it.


The effort on Saturday is the beginning of a new initiative called the Coastal Conservation Programme that is intended to assist the Sustainable Seas Trust in its ongoing coastal conservation efforts, and also to facilitate an ongoing means for ESG to continue to earn Kariega Credits. The earned Kariega Credits will be used by ESG to continue to pay its rent obligations. 

On Saturday, ESG earned 20 Kariega Credits (R400) - enough to cover the centre's rent for the month of March. The Coastal Conservation Programme will be a monthly occurrence in 2014 and is open to all participating groups looking to earn Kariega Credits. We hope to have an even larger volunteer group next month! 

Kariega Project would like to thank Meghan and SST for hosting the programme and providing an enriching experience for all the children involved. 

Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) is a not for profit organisation in South Africa that is dedicated to the promotion of conservation, habitat restoration, and a sustainably managed South African coastline. Sustainable Seas Trust is dedicated to harnessing the power of people at every level, from the poorest remote communities, to top level decision makers, to promote its worthy cause. For more information of the Sustainable Seas Trust, please visit

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